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In 1970, Gordon worked at London Weekend Television part of ITV television network after leaving school and working in London Palladium, until 20 years of age.

In 1975, he left LWT and joined one of the first independent production companies, Mike Mansfield Productions in London at the age of 21, which later he became a partner. The company specialized in music programs for television. The company sold The Supersonic Music series which ran for four seasons worldwide. The music acts featured were Rod Stewart, Elton John, ELO, Bonnie Tyler, Status Quo and many more. The company was also a pioneer for making music videos and television music shows, such as Jukebox with Twiggy as presenter.

In 1980, he set Gordon Lewis Organisation (GLO), which first deal was a co-production deal with ITV, 'Where Were You' TV series. GLO sold the format of 'Where were you?' to ABC network in USA who made two series.

GLO moved into music videos with offices in London and Los Angles for the new MTV network. The music acts who worked with GLO were Soft Cell, Cure, Talk Talk, ABC, Pretenders , Paul Weller, Roger Taylor, George Michael, Depeche Mode , Daryl Hall & John Oates, Neil Young , Cars, Queen, Bowie.

Produced 'The Cure In Orange' film for cinema.

Also moved into making commercials off the back of the success of the music films. The first commercial made by GLO was for Tuborg Lager with the music from The Art of Noise . The commercial won nine International awards.

GLO went into co-production deal for commercials with Virgin Media USA.

Directors who has worked for GLO were Tim Pope , Peter Care, Duncan Gibbons, Mark Romanek , Vaughan Arnell and Jake Scott.

In 1987, he moved into other businesses.

2014, Lewis and Ho Associates was formed to make 'Secret Child' film or TV series, based on his early life in a hostel for single mothers in the 50s in Dublin, Ireland. His mother kept him a secret until the age of 8. Unlike the Magdelene Laundry accounts, his was a happy one, though it came with tough struggles and complications for his mother and the man she loves. Forbidden love between a catholic woman and a Protestant man. How love conquers all in the end.

In 2015, Gordon Lewis's book, 'Secret Child' was taken up and published by Harper Collins.

In 2017, A short film based of the book 'Secret Child" with executive producer Gordon Lewis , Director Yewweng Ho and Director of Photography, Darius Shu was made. The film had received international awards for Best Film, Best Direction, Best Actress, Best Cinematography and Best Soundtrack in 2018. Film festival awards from New York, Canada, Los Angeles, Italy, Switzerland and London.

Gordon has written two more books, Soho Hustle and Little People scheduled for release in 2022. Soho Hustle is currently in discussion to be made into a television series and Little People is in talks to be made into an animated film.